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Kathy stood by the cliffs, looking down the coastline towards downtown Gotham. The sun was lowering in the horizon. She'd be ready.

The car pulled up, and she slipped into the back seat. She usually preferred to drive herself, but not tonight. Not with the business she needed to conduct tonight. The heir to the Duquesne fortune could not simply drive herself. No, she needed her bodyguards and her drivers, at least for now.

Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark
The night city grows
Look at the horizon glow

Twilight caused the sky to turn dark as the car pulled in front of the Peregriner's Club. When the driver opened the door, she emerged, smoothing her short white skirt with a single short motion before nodding to the two large men at her side, who escorted her in. The bouncer let her in without a word, and she and her guards moved into one of the private rooms.

A tall man with Korean features stood as she entered the room; beside him, two other men remained standing. She greeted him politely, shook his hand, laughed at his jokes, and made deals with him. Because the Jopok would be moving into Gotham. Organized crime was slipping behind in Gotham in the last few years; the Batman had become more efficient. There was room for new blood, since the Duquesne crime empire couldn't handle everything anymore. The Yakuza had attempted and failed to gain a foothold, and now the Jopok would be making the attempt.

She warned them the Batman had been cracking down lately, that it was getting harder and harder to run some of her operations. She warned them that it would be tough. Still, she was willing to let them move in for a reasonable cut of the profits. After all, a war would not only be costly, but could also attract the attention of the Bat. And no one wanted that, of course.

An agreement was reached. She knew that they weren't planning to honor it, but that's alright. It wouldn't matter. She and her bodyguards returned to the car.

Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark
Drinking in the lights
Following the neon signs

The car, gliding through the night-lit Gotham streets, finally pulled up to her apartment, and she emerged, telling the bodyguards they could take the rest of the evening off. They'd served the purpose they needed to serve.

She took the elevator to her penthouse apartment suite, stepped into her room, opened her closet, and slid open the secret compartment. And on the other side of the door: the suit. The glider.

The Bat.

Batwoman rocketed out over the city on her glider, above the gaze of most everyone on the streets below. No one really looked up in Gotham.

Waiting for a word
Looking at the milky skyline
The city is my church
(The city is my church)
It wraps me in its blinding twilight

The Batwoman glides above the city, a small bit of dark against the overcast night sky. The lights from the streets fail to illuminate her, allowing her to pass quietly, unseen.

She lands noiselessly against the roof of a hotel, then moves to the skylight and gazes in. The Jopok she had met earlier were gathered in the common area of the penthouse suite, talking. She listened carefully; her Korean was a bit rusty, but she picked up a few words, piecing together when the shipment of human trafficking would be arriving. Her eyes narrowed. She'd make short work of them, then go and set their victims free.

She'd heard enough.

She got to her feet and leaped, crashing through the skylight.

A few minutes later, the gang was bound, waiting for the police, with the evidence of their crimes in clear view.

The glider took off from the roof. She had about two hours until the ship would be coming in to the docks. She had some time to watch over some of the more troubled parts of downtown, to help assure that women could safely walk home tonight.

Tonight, the Batwoman is standing guard. Tonight, no one innocent gets hurt.

The city is her church. And she is its guardian.

Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time
Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time
Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time
Waiting in a car
Waiting for the right time
Waiting in a car
Waiting for a ride in the dark


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